Ken Peplowski's solo on
"China Boy"

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Transcribed Fall 2013
Published Summer 2016

The video below features the live performance along with a scrolling transcription. You can also watch a version without the transcription here.


I'll never forget the first time I heard this solo. It was a hot summer afternoon in 2013, Long Beach, CA and I was sitting in front of an open window in my air-conditioner-less apartment watching jazz videos on YouTube (what else is new?). I'm not sure what led me to the original clip, but my jaw dropped the second I clicked on the link. I watched this solo at least a dozen times that afternoon, but I knew from the first solo chorus that I had no choice but to begin my maiden voyage into the dark world of clarinet transcriptions.

Over the next few months, I learned the solo and eventually performed it in my Master's recital at CSULB (fulfilling my transcription requirement). I began to notate the solo in the Fall of 2015, and soon thereafter created the video seen here.

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