Jazz Doctorates

List of the universities in North America that offer a Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) in Jazz

School and School Homepage Music School Homepage Location Degree(s) Jazz Faculty Degree Description
University of Rochester Eastman School of Music Rochester, NY
  1. Jazz Studies and Contempory Media
Eastman Faculty Click Here
Manhattan School of Music N/A New York City, NY
  1. Jazz Voice Performance
  2. Composition
  3. Jazz Arts Advancment
MSM Faculty Click Here
New England Conservatory N/A Boston, MA
  1. Performance
  2. Composition
NEC Faculty Click Here
New York University Steinghardt School New York City, NY
  1. Performance
NYU Faculty Click Here
University of Colorado at Boulder College of Muisc Bolder, CO
  1. Jazz Studies
UC Boulder Faculty Click Here
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign School of Music Urbana-Champaign, IL
  1. Performance
UIUC Faculty Click Here
University of Miami Frost School of Music Miami, FL
  1. Performance
  2. Music Education (Jazz emphasis)
Frost Faculty - Performance
- Composition
University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Music Lincoln, NE
  1. Jazz Studies
UN-Lincoln Faculty Click Here
University of North Texas College of Muisc Denton, TX
  1. Performance
UNT Faculty Click Here
University of Northern Colorado UNC School of Music Greely, CO
  1. Jazz Studies
UNC Faculty Click Here
University of Oregon School of Music Eugene, OR Doctoral Supporting Area in Jazz Studies
  1. Instrumental
  2. Composition
UO Faculty
University of Southern California USC Thorton School of Music Los Angeles, CA
  1. Jazz Performance
  2. Composition
USC Faculty Click Here
University of Texas Butler School of Music Austin, TX
  1. Music and Human Learning
    (with jazz emphasis)
  2. Performance
  3. Composition
  4. Jazz Piano
UT Austin Faculty - Music and Human Learning
- Performance
- Piano
- Composition
University of Toronto Music Department Toronto, Canada
  1. Performance
  2. Composition
U. Toronto Faculty - Performance
- Composition

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